Frequently asked question

I suffer from chronic pain. Can this program help me?

Perhaps. But it all depends on what is the actual CAUSE of your pain. For chronic pain we highly recommend that you see a health care professional. Do not use a self care program to treat an undiagnosed condition. See a doctor first to ensure that there are no serious issues and then we recommend seeing a specialist such as a Registered Practitioner of  Ortho-Bionomy. The Body Ease Program was designed to support your regular scheduled manual therapy sessions, as well as your daily health regimen. 


Frequently asked question

What if I don't 'feel' the releases happening and I'm just not sure they are working. I'm unsure if I'm doing it right.

We recommend taking a few deep breaths, slowing down, and taking the time to tune-in. Become conscious of subtle shifts that may happen. If you're not quiet enough, you may not be aware of the changes that occur.

Trust the process. You can try again and see if anything changes. If you have tried 2-3 times with no change, then try something else. It may mean that the area of your body that you are working with has changed all that it will at this time, or it may mean that you need to do something else first. Sometimes the sequence is important. 


Frequently asked question

So it's a download? What if I don't want to download the videos to my machine or device?

Then don't! Just keep the link to the Dropbox folder in a safe place and access your videos anytime and anywhere!!


How soon can I expect improvement?

Well, immediately! However, if you suffer from chronic tension, it may take some time. Be patient and compassionate with yourself and realize that while this work is potent, your posture represents a life time of habits, use, and compensations.